Get Back to Nature on the Back of a Horse

If you’re a rider then you know that getting out on the open trail is nothing short of glorious. It’s just you, your horse, and any companions you choose to bring with you. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, the Iron Mountain area offers ample chance to get away from it all on horseback.

New to riding? We can help set you up with a few lessons while you’re here. Experienced out on the trail? We can help you find a horse to rent or an outfitter who will take you on a trek. If you have any interest in horses, we can help you feed it in Iron Mountain.

Take a Horse Outing

We are just over the border from Wisconsin and Bjorkman Horse Outings. Get out on horseback for half a day, a whole day, or for an overnight adventure.

These adventures are meant to hearken back to pioneer days. Many of the outings are accompanied by a covered wagon. This no only adds to the atmosphere, but it allows adventurers to come along even if they can’t ride. It’s also an adventure in and of itself to ride in the wagon, and you may decide to try that out instead of riding.

You can choose whether to include a cookout in your outing. If you want one, Bjorkmans will bring the food and all of the cooking apparatus necessary. The cookouts include a bonfire, and you get to eat around it just like the pioneers did.

In the winter, Bjorkman offers sleigh rides, too. Just because you can’t ride a horse in deep snow doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their company! Get out and about the way people used to, in an old-fashioned horse-drawn sleigh! These rides are fun and festive, and allow you to see countryside that you might otherwise miss in the winter months.

They will accomodate groups of any size, so you don’t have to worry if everyone at the family reunion wants to come along!

Get Out on Your Own

Sometimes, the best thing about horseback riding is that you’re alone, in the woods, just you and the horse. We can help make this happen, too. We’ll help you find the perfect horse to rent, though you may need to bring your own tack and prove your riding skills, first.

Our forests are littered with horse trails, too, so there’s always someplace new to explore. We’ll help you find a trail you’re comfortable with, a horse that you love, and any other equipment that you need for a successful ride.

Interested in going for a ride? Let us know when you book your cabin. We’ll help connect you to the right ranch, outfitter, or trails that are right for you. If you want to bring your own horse, we’ll help you find a place to board your animal that is close by and offers convenient access to trails or training grounds.