Ice Fishing Adventures on the Upper Peninsula

Just as fishing is popular in the Upper Peninsula in the summer, ice fishing is a favorite winter sport here. Spend a day, alone or with friends, hunkered over a hole waiting for that tug on your line. With fresh air and spectacular views, ice fishing gives you a chance to get away from it all, all winter long.

Ice Fishing for Everyone

You are welcome to go out on the ice alone, but you can also take a guided ice fishing trip. We will get you connected with one of our favorite outfitters. Rest assured that they have the experience and expertise to help you have a great time, whether you’ve been ice fishing before or not. Beginners are always welcome on these trips, as long as you are interested, willing to learn, and up for an adventure.

If you’re an experienced ice fisherman, let our outfitters hook you up with the best rental gear around. Many of them offer heated rental shacks on some of the most popular ice fishing lakes in the area, and you can also rent tackle and anything else you need to make your day comfortable and memorable.

Ice Fishing Safety

For your safety, we recommend not going out on the ice until it is well-established. Local fishermen test it regularly, and report both online and to us in person once the lakes are safe for ice fishing. The ice is sometimes not thick enough to bear human weight until January. If you plan an ice fishing trip but get here and can’t go, we will be happy to help you find something else to do. Often, a regular fishing trip in the snow is just as rewarding!

If you want to try your hand at ice fishing, let us know when you book your cabin. We’ll get you connected with a top-level outfitter now, so your trip will be all planned out by the time you arrive. Then, we’ll help you get your gear and find your lake, so you can enjoy your winter adventure with us. We hope that you leave Edgewater with a few more ice fishing skills and a little more love for the great outdoors than you had when you got here!