Start Your Hunting Adventure

Whether you’ve hunted for years or you’d like to try it out, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can offer you the experience you’re looking for. There are public hunting lands all over the area, so you will always have a place to hunt.

If you are interested in hunting, let us know! We can connect you with local outfitters and outdoorsmen who are experienced in hunting Michigan’s backwoods. They can help you find everything you need to make your hunting season a successful adventure.

Animals Hunted Near Iron Mountain

Bear hunting offers a great thrill, and you can easily join a fully guided hunt. All hunts are led by avid outdoorsmen who will take you into the heart of Michigan’s backwoods and help you find your own black bear. You will need to have a bear hunting permit, which you can get by applying through Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources. Bear hunting season usually runs in September and October, though the exact dates will vary from year to year.

You can also hunt whitetail deer in Michigan. We can point you towards various outfitters who offer guided hunts or, if you are an experienced hunter, we can help you find the public lands where deer hunting is popular. Hunting season runs September through December, though the exact dates will depend on the type of firearm you’re hunting with and will vary from year to year. Apply for this permit through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, too.

Though bear and the whitetails are the most commonly hunted animals, you can also hunt rabbits, crows, elk, pheasant, quail, grouse, squirrels, waterfowl, wild turkeys, and more in Michigan. Gear up at one of the local outfitters or bring everything you need, because the boundary waters are a hunter’s paradise.

Hunting Gear Available

Whether you prefer to hunt with a gun or a bow, we can set you up with anything you need to have a successful hunt. Peruse the selection of hunting rifles available in the Iron Mountain area, stock up on ammunition, or try out the new composite bow you’ve been thinking about for ages. Whatever you need, our sportsmen can help you find it.

Rifle hunting is the most popular type in our area. It is efficient and fast, and most local outdoorsmen won’t be caught outside without their rifles during hunting season. Whether you prefer a top-of-the-line rifle or the old one your grandpa gave you when you were a kid, we can help you find ammunition and accessories for it.

Bow hunting is also popular in Michigan. Whether you love it or you’re just learning to shoot, we can connect you to the people and classes that will help you have the adventure you’re looking for. Local stores can also help you find the equipment you need, whether you’re buying for the first time or just needing new gear.

Hunting is one of the prime winter pastimes in the Upper Peninsula, and we want you to be able to enjoy our woods alongside us. Come relax and get outdoors in your very own sportsman’s paradise.